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June Weather

To think I’ve been spending the last week or two trying to figure out how to deal with crossing the Mojave Desert in about 12 days with temperatures forecast to be in the 104-112 range only to wake up to … Continue reading

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Final Colorado–Zion National Park

After more fiddling with mapping apps after I got a little frustrated Google wiping out some of my points whenever I’d add a different stopping point to test that I took a look at what else I had available. Turns … Continue reading

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Trip Planning

Some of you know that my son has decided he wants to take our Sports City to Cal Poly next year instead of taking a car. So Steve and I are planning on riding the bikes out there from Colorado … Continue reading

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Swapping Bits

Pulled the two winterized scoots out of the garage in Breckenridge today. They both fired up first time and sounded good. I forgot to take photos before moving everything back in the garage so they’ll have to wait for another … Continue reading

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June 8 on to Breckenridge

Today is the day we got into the real scenic ride. I forgot to mention that when I was going up Highway 3 from I-40 to Las Vegas, NM I saw one Historic Route 66 sign similar to the one … Continue reading

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