Little Estero

The reason for this trip was to work on improving my photography at a conference held in Ft. Myers. The pre-conference workshop I signed up for was at Little Estero tidal flat.

After a bright, okay humid beyond belief ride from my hotel to Florida Gulf Coast University campus I was a bit too late to check out the size Canon lens I wanted to test. Seems the zooms that you can hand hold and still exceed the focal length of the one I brought with me were already gone. Met Roman Kurywczak who was to lead the workshop. FWIW, if you get a chance to attend one of his workshops I’d suggest doing so. He provides a lot of useful information in an easy to follow manner.


The only thing I regretted was that by riding the scoot I was stuck wearing either riding pants or riding (Kevlar) jeans along with boots which wasn’t exactly wonderful with the day’s heat and humidity.

Once we arrived at the title flat these guys were hanging around with the male in breeding plumage. He provided quite an entertaining set of behaviors that made for good photographs. Or would had I not been experimenting with various camera setting that rendered many of the photos less than usable.

florida-7783florida-7592I really wished I had been able to get one of the loaner lenses that Canon had available because none of the Osprey photos were close enough to avoid pixelating when cropped sufficiently to make the Osprey identifiable. Below is the best I was able to do with the 18-270 zoom I brought with me.


Then there were the other birds along the shore.


florida-7647And those who took advantage of the remains of piers or other pylons.florida-7701florida-7945


One advantage of being at the beach early is not only better light for photography but a fewer people to get into your pictures. Though my husband found the rows upon rows of lounges waiting to be occupied a bit on the sad side.


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