Everglades to Key West

After finishing my last session it was time to mount up and head south. With a goal of making it to Key florida-8018West before sunset leaving at 10 allowed me to take the more scenic and easier to stop along 41 instead of the interstate.

I was somewhat surprised at how brown the reeds were along the side of the canal on the north side of the roadway.  Though one of the instructors talked about how she was able to use her car as a portable blind taking photos along the canals on 41 and in other parts accessible by road. Then there was a place where one of the rivers or whatever you call open waterways in the glades with parking spaces and an outhouse that looked like a good place to stop for a photos.

florida-8048Walking on the boardwalk put you above the water and its occupants. Something you appreciate when these guys came cruising along. The one of the left had rather strange eyes that almost made him appear to be blind but obviously he was able to spot another gator coming towards him.


This one had eyes black as coal unlike the one above which submerged when they came within 20 feet of each other. Unlike other submerged gators visible from the boardwalk the one above completely disappeared from view. Not sure how he did it when the others were still visible.

I have never seen as many nurseries as I saw on my once I turned off 41 and headed south towards Homestead and Florida City.

020 Just before entering Highway 1 I finally had a Cuban pressed sandwich from a food truck for my lunch. Something I had promised myself to try along with Cuban coffee before I left Florida. Probably just the food truck’s preparation but I found it rather mediocre.

Hit my first actual rain between Florida City and Key Largo that was heavy enough I had to pull over and put on rain gear. Fortunately it only lasted about 15-20 minutes.

Looking at all the signs and businesses in Key Largo made me wish I had enough time to do some diving. I had heard about the small Key Deer but was surprised at how badly the Key with the signs warning to be careful of the deer smelled when I crossed it.  On the whole though the ride down the keys was both uneventful and somewhat boring. I did enjoy the beautiful colors of the water and variety of boats visible on the way down though.

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