Wildflower Weekend

While I was off in Florida and after my return Steve had been working weekends so when he suggested we take off on the scoots to see just what sort of wildflower season we were having this year I couldn’t wait to pack up and head out. After browsing Texas Wildflower sightings on the web it looked like the area south of San Antonio was reporting the most blooms. So yesterday morning we headed out aiming towards Poteet, TX.

forum-8680We saw the occasional batch of very small bluebonnets as we got out of the Houston metro area .  Most of which were just between the road and fences. We could see what looked like the beginnings of fields but nothing particularly exciting.

IMG_8577forum-2219What we were seeing more than anything were Indian Paint Brush and some sort of purple pink that might be Everlasting Pea as best I can tell from an online search. 

forum-8617Looking up I managed to catch a pair of these birds soaring above us.  Though I have no idea what they are.

Sometimes we’d see cacti growing in a field where wildflowers were starting to bloom.


After spending the night in San Antonio we headed back towards Somerset and Poteet to explore some of the roads we didn’t have time to check out the day before by the time we reached Poteet.

When I said that Indian Paintbrush was blooming this is what I meant. forum-8728forum-2214 

forum-8671Sure there was plenty of mixed and adjacent fields of wildflowers though we weren’t going down this private “road”. Nor does it look like the trailer below has been used in many a year.


Before we knew it a look at the scooter clocks told us we needed to beat it back to Houston. We went via Seguin, TX were we remembered a big field of wildflowers next to one of the medical complexes. Sadly this year it was almost barren of wildflowers so time to head home. We took 90 and saw that north of I-10 the fields were just budding showing only a hint of blue. Looks like it will be another week or two before they’ll have enough blooming to enjoy.

After two days and a bit over 700 miles we rolled back into Houston just as the sun was setting after two days of exploring Texas state and county roads looking for bluebonnets and other wild flowers on the scoots.

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