A Little Scooter Tag

Despite the forecast calling for rain all week it was sunny this morning. With the Vespa in the shop I thought what the heck and pulled the Buddy out of the garage. It has been some time since I did more than a very short hop on the Buddy. I was quickly reminded how much fun a very light weight little torque machine can be. Putting it off/on the center stand is like moving a feather compared to even the GTS. So after coffee I thought I’d see what the current scooter tag target was on ADVRider. IMG_3420

IMG_3421Turned out the current photo location was a storage facility. Since there’s one just down the street I hopped on down and picked up the photo on the left.

Then I had to figure out what hasn’t been done for the next target. Decided on going over and grabbing a photo at the dog park.

Wonder how long it will take for someone to replace the dog park with another location as an excuse to scoot?

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