B2B-Oregon Coast

Discovered that my little Canon is being flakey again, sigh. It started acting up near the end of the cannonball but after replacing battery and charger it seemed to work okay but looks like I’m down to just my iPhone.088 

Looking at the photos I have in Lightroom it is easy to tell which were taken with the iPhone vs even the Canon point and shoot in anything but pristine lighting conditions.

First stop today, another beautiful clear sky, is the Sea Lion Caves.


Lots of steps before you get to the elevator that takes you down to the caves.

I had hoped to find a cool t-shirt but that just didn’t happen. So back on the bikes with our next stop being the Tilamook Cheese Factory. Learned lots of interesting facts but got a little tired of the phrase “it rained ‘a lot’” which my brother found very amusing so repeated it endlessly.

097I also ended up with too much ice cream when I thought I ordered a 3 sampler cone and it turned out to be a 3, 1/2lb scoops of ice cream instead of sample sizes, oops.  I really hated to toss so much of it but there was no way I could eat that much ice cream no matter how good it was.

What a lovely day to be out on two wheels now that the wind had died down a bit and a beautiful sunset to finish the day.


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