B2B-Weather Change

We woke in in The Dalles, WA to a colder, cloudy day than any we had experienced since the start of the trip.


Temperatures kept dropping during the day especially after it started to rain. To the point when we arrived at the resort Steve had booked us in outside of Klamath Falls we were all ready to hit the hot tub. Well, the boys hit the hot tub and I took a load of stuff to the dryer. Their laundry area turned out to be just off the bar and I was there at the right time for happy hour. Hmm, happy hour vs hot tub. Happy hour and warm dry clothes won for me. Smile

Fortunately, the lodge let us park under their awning so despite it still raining lightly in the morning we were able to load the bikes under cover, yeah. Scott spent some time checking the rear of this BMW fearing that he had an oil leak. He was concerned enough that he figured first stop after the dealerships were open he’d look for one along our route to get it checked out. In the meantime instead of getting warmer it was getting colder as we headed for Mt. Shasta. Going up we encountered some slight snowfall. So of  course it was photo op time.


At this point I distinctly remembered when I was packing for the trip picking up my handlebar muffs, thinking for a minute and saying to myself, “nay, I won’t need those.” A few minutes after we got back on the road the snow turned to rain and I thought, okay we’re heading to lower elevation so no real need for the muffs. Umm, 5 minutes later we were heading to a second higher summit. This time the snow was sticking to the ground so we were riding single file in the tire’s width cleared by a truck towing a trailer  in front of us when a snow plow past us going the opposite direction. I don’t know about you but when snow is sticking to the ground I really don’t want to be on two wheels. Very thankful for the strip of cleared road left behind by the truck’s tire.

After 15 minutes when I didn’t even dare take my hands off the bars to take a photo we had summited the pass and were heading back down. Another 10 minutes and we were out of snow back to rain. The only good thing about the time it took for us to get back to wet instead of snow was we were going slow enough that my hands stayed basically warm. My youngest brother on the other hand was bitching because the grip warmers on his BMW K1200LT were so warm his hand sweated then his hands got cold, poor boy.

002Scott got more worried about the rear end on his BMW R1200RT and after a couple of calls found Ozzie’s BMW in Chico, CA who offer traveler’s priority. (The first much larger BMW dealership said even if they could squeeze him in for a look it would be a minimum of two weeks before they would work on it. So what was he supposed to do when he had to be back in Virginia for work well before then.)

While Scott offered to go on his own and meet us either at tonight’s stop or the next day hotel if they had to keep it overnight we all went along to Chico. Turned out Scott was right to be concerned  and they not only fixed the leak but another issue his pre-trip service may have created.

So while Scott’s BMW was in the shop we enjoyed some of the first sunshine we’d seen all day eating lunch on the patio of a pub across the street. I also picked up a pair of suspenders since my extremely comfortable GoGo Gear leggings were a bit too big in the waist. I cannot recommend these leggings highly enough in terms of comfort and protection. I’m having my altered a bit to fit my waist better but I’m even considering buying another pair they are so comfortable for long days in the saddle. Anyway, after two days of clouds, rain and snow it lovely to sit in the sun on a patio enjoying a good meal.

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