B2B-Yosemite Home

This would be our last day of what I consider to be perfect ride scenery as we left Chico and headed to Yosemite. 


010-2As we stopped to grab a photo at the welcome to Yosemite sign we shared space with a large group of Harley riders. I don’t know why but they didn’t seem very friendly towards our group. They roared off in a thunder of those who’s mantra is “loud pipes saves lives”. Something rather disruptive in the peace of a forest.

Unfortunately before too long we were all caught in road construction.


We were stuck there for maybe 20 minutes though it seemed longer. Finally we got moving again.


As we reached the valley the sun came out for a bit and we spent the next few hours winding through the park.


To finish our day a friend’s house in Bakersfield. She greeted us with adult beverages and an excellent meal. What more could you ask for?

We woke up the this morning to more rain. Am I the only one to find it ironic that the entire time we spent along the Pacific northwest coast without a drop of rain and very little fog that inland in drought stricken California we were rained on every day as we headed south?

030Passing through vineyards and signs complaining about water being shut off or limited for farming in California’s central valley the sun came out for bit. Scott pealed off heading to Arizona to visit his parents while the three of us headed for the Grapevine.

By the time we reached the Grapevine it was raining steadily with occasional hard rain. This continued all the way back to Fallbrook. My brother was soaked through his rain gear by a wave generated by a bus on I15. It sure felt good to pull into his garage  The only thing left was loading the trailer with the Texas bikes, putting Dave on the a flight early the next morning before I headed back with the trailer.

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