Ohio to Vermont

After leaving Sports Tour LTD where they installed the new Givi windshield while I waited it was off to Honda of Fairfield who were kind enough to squeeze me in for the first service on the bike.

DSCN0184Unfortunately, the CTX 700 racks did not arrive so I wasn’t able to get a top case installed.

Amazing what an extra 10 inches plus/minus on your windshield can do for your comfort level. Yesterday at 70 mph there was a whole lot of wind noise that even earplugs couldn’t muffle. Today it was much more pleasant at speed.

Now that the windshield is on time to head northeast. Whether it was rolling through the green countryside or stopping for a bite after leaving the rain behind it was hard to think of a better way to spend the day.


I couldn’t help but admire how well the bike looked when the bags were pulled off at the end of the day.


Nothing like being able to walk next door from your hotel to a plate of pasta with a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset.

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