Portsmouth, NH and Maine

008-2I debated for a fair bit about how far to go into Maine. While I’d have liked to have gone to the northeastern most point of the US I was already pushing it for this trip so I settled on Portsmouth, NH for the night with an excursion to Maine in the morning.

006I managed to arrive and get checked in just in time for a colorful sunset. Walking around what I took to be the oldest part of town I saw  one of the few scoots I’d seen since leaving Amerivespa. Now that I was off the bike for the evening a visit to the Portsmouth Brewing Company seemed to be the place to eat.


Excellent adult beverage and a good meal to go with it. Picked up one of the few souvenirI bought on this trip – one of their caps.  Then it was time to call it a night since next stop was visiting a friend in Connecticut for a few days off the bike and wait out some forecast rain.latte

Found a lovely café for breakfast with one excellent latte to start the day.

Then it was time to venture across the river. Pity the lobster pier wasn’t open yet.

DSCN0191-2Then there was the lovely views across the water.DSCN0194-2

Then I did make it over to one of the shops where I picked up a lovely sundress at an outdoor shop.



I couldn’t help but stop for a photo when I say this old Getty station since my husband started his career.

Then of course who could resist a half buried submarine?


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