002-4People always talk about the traffic in New York City but compared to Houston or Los Angles it is nothing. I thought about detouring through Manhattan but decided to pass in favor of getting a skyline photo from across the river.

Of course I couldn’t leave without a photo of Lady Liberty even if I was unable to get to where I could get her face. If I’d had lockable luggage or was stopping for the night so I could take my bags into a hotel room I’d have taken the ferry over since she’s just been reopened.

004-2I couldn’t have asked for better than the blue skies and not too hot temps as I headed south seeing why New Jersey is called the “garden state” once you get away from the urban areas closer to the coast.

014When I was in Maine, New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts  it was easy to see why this part of the country is called New England. So many places I could have just as easily been in parts of the UK judging by the architecture. As I moved through to Pennsylvania the colonial heritage was easy to see as well.

And to continue my theme after stopping for the night it was time to visit a local pub.

010One nice thing about this trip is so many of the places I stopped had good places to eat with views close to where I would stop for the night.

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