June 7 on to Las Vegas (NM)

Given the heat in West Texas I decided to head out before the boys were even up to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. That got me on the road a little past 7 in the morning. Since my goal was to get some distance before it hit the mid 90s and the scenery was, well West Texas Panhandle the only photo I took before getting near Santa Rosa was of the one of the many wind farms along the road. There were miles, and miles of wind turbines.


Unfortunately, there was a lot of smoke in the air which made it hard to get much contrast with the sky and the turbines. One photo I wish I had taken had an old oil rocker pumping away in front of a ridge of wind turbines. I figured I’d have another opportunity but I never saw the two in such proximity again, sigh.

route66On to New Mexico, since I took quite a few photos last year in Ft. Sumner I didn’t see any reason to stop again. I saw a great billboard in Clovis for the “Route 66 Blue Pool Park and Restaurant” which I though sounded like a great place to stop for lunch but sadly I didn’t find another one with directions better than 1 hour from “here” being the Clovis billboard. The wind was pretty strong and for the most part a cross wind which was seriously impacting both my gas mileage and top speed. The noise from the muffler on deceleration was sounding like when the gasket on the Burgman went out last year on the way back to Houston from Breckenridge. I also noticed a smell of gasoline but figure it was probably from gas that came out of the hose as I was putting it in the tank.

I reached Santa Rosa without finding the Blue Pool so I had to settle for the Silver Moon. I made a few other Route 66 stops to give the rest of the family a chance to catch up.

IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0316

440 miles after departing from Abilene we called it an early night in Las Vegas, NM with diner at The Restaurant Dick’s Liquor & Deli despite the review from the hotel clerk we almost turned around and went somewhere else but I’m glad we ate there. Though I have to admit the portion sizes varied greatly from huge to small (smother burrito my mother in law had and Michael’s shrimp fettuccine to the 4 lamb chops in my order none with more meat than the size of a Susan B Anthony dollar coin but very tasty.) Margarita was good and generous though but I was fading fast after just one.

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