Gettysburg-Blue Ridge

004-3I’ve been through Gettysburg before and remembered having a lovely lunch so though I’d have breakfast there this trip. Found a lovely French café. Good food, friendly service and a great coffee. What more could you want to start your day.

Did a bit of strolling around and seriously considered going in and buying one of these cigar box guitars but really had no way to strap it on where I could be certain it wouldn’t get damaged  by rain if nothing else on the trip home.


Pretty soon it was off to the back roads.DSCN0218

Then heading up  to the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Where I met up with a father and son pair that had ridden up from the Iowa Illinois border.

DSCN0221The dad said they decided to make the trip together since it might be his last long touring ride on the bike he’d owned for over 20 years. Said he didn’t know how much touring he had left in him but he seemed in fine shape to me. He sure had a lot of questions about the DCT on my Honda CTX.

It was definitely more comfortable temperatures for riding once I reached the ridge and I settled in to enjoy the views.



Don’t ask me where exactly these photos were taken other than when I met up with the two gentlemen at the north end visitor’s center. Enjoying the ride and the area was more important than marking exactly where I was.

One tip for you, there is no gas on the Blue Ridge Parkway itself but if you stop at the visitor’s center they have a slip of paper they can give you that has the closest gas at each parkway exit and which direction to turn to get to it. This last piece of info is priceless as I discovered on my first Blue Ridge Parkway trip in 2012. I exited to get gas and the sign said gas each direction. I elected to turn south since that was the way I was going. Yes, there was gas 27 miles off the parkway in that direction while it was only half a mile the other way. I was really starting to sweat a little by the time I reached that station. Fortunately, it was downhill all the way.

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