On my previous trip I had wanted to see the Biltmore Estate but time did not permit so I made sure to stop on this trip.


Riding across the front entrance road I have to admit to being disappointed since so many folks I know have raved about the gardens while this was just bland. Going inside I was in many ways even more disappointed, perhaps because I had visited Hearst Castle so recently that the Biltmore suffered in comparison.

DSCN0245 There were some lovely vistas from the loggia. I found some of the below stairs areas more interesting than the upstairs in terms of furnishings and how the below stairs lived.

Sure could tell the temperature difference after coming down off the Blue Ridge so I was grateful for an ice cream and iced tea in the converted stables before going on through the colonnade to the actual gardens.


This was more like what I had been expecting.


Maybe it was the time of year but even here I was disappointed expecting something truly spectacular.

Maybe the folks I know who raved about how great the gardens were simply raised my expectations too high. Leaving the Biltmore I met up with a friend, Driller from ADVRider and Modern Vespa. He and his wife kindly offered me lodging for the night after a barbeque dinner. Thanks David, hopefully I can return the hospitality when you are next in Colorado.

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