Getting Ready for AdobeMAX

Yep, taking the new CTX 700D to Los Angles for AdobeMAX. I suspect this trip will be a bit different than the loop ride from Indianapolis to Houston via Maine. The primary difference will be proper luggage. Her she is all set up for touring with saddlebags and a huge Shad top case.


Steve convinced me to leave a bit earlier than originally planned so I could swing a bit further north going through Monument Valley and stopping at the Grand Canyon. I must say I was a bit surprised at how pricy hotels less than 55 miles from the Grand Canyon turned out to be as well as how many were full mid-week with school in session. 

I’ll still have to haul ass a bit the first two days of the trip so I will have time for a leisurely  ride through Monument Valley to allow for lots of photo stops and getting to my hotel in Grand Canyon Village in time to explore a bit before calling it a night. I’m hoping for some good sunset photos to post so stay tuned.

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