Didn’t I promise you a sunrise?


Decided to leave early to head to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and stopped for the photo above.

tubacitybglueballsBTW, have you ever had “blue balls”?

First part of the ride was some of the same roads I had covered the day before so not too many photo stops before I arrived in Grand Canyon Village. Coming in from the east I made my way through the park.

Then on to the east entrance to the Grand Canyon.sw-1-6  sw-1-7

sw-1-8 sw-1-9

I was very glad to see the bottom right guy safely grazing off in the trees ignoring traffic!

After checking into my hotel and unloading the bike I took a walk around where I discovered that the bus that would take me into the park had stopped running the previous Sunday – grr. I had planned on doing the hop on/off for photos instead of having to deal with bike gear, getting the camera in and out of my top case. So instead I took the Pink Jeep Sunset Tour.

sw-1-10 sw-1-12

sw-1-11No, I don’t know who this is but since English was not being spoken in their group I took it without asking but then again the camera was out in the open and their group was busy snapping everyone and everything in sight. So I don’t feel bad about not getting permission before taking the photo.

Somehow it seems fitting to end this post with a sunset.



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