June 8 on to Breckenridge

Sign historic Route 66Today is the day we got into the real scenic ride. I forgot to mention that when I was going up Highway 3 from I-40 to Las Vegas, NM I saw one Historic Route 66 sign similar to the one on the right.

This was my first glimpse of snow on the mountains but the smoke from the Arizona fires was still playing havoc with the skies so they were more of a dirty bluish white than and didn’t provide as much contrast as normal. This also turned out to be an unfortunate place to stop because while I was getting ready to take this picture the kickstand on the scoot collapsed. No real damage done other than a few scratch on the new Givi windscreen and a crack in the left mirror. A kind gentleman driving red Nissan Z helped me stand her back up. So I’ve made a mental note to double check the kickstand and if there is any indication that it might not be 100% solid and locked in position I’ll put the scoot on the center stand, especially if the ground is not level pavement. This turn out was a mixture of gravel and some bits of mostly broken up pavement.


Continued on 518 up to Taos, NW where my GPS lead me on an interesting route through town. The out 64 where I stopped at River Gorge Bridge.IMG_0326

I originally pulled over in the turn out on the northeast side to take photos. I had planned on buying some ice cold lemonade and dark chocolate truffles from one of the vendors there but as I was walking over t take some photos I was stopped by one of the vendors who asked some questions about the BV. While I was answering them the lemonade and chocolate vendor came up and asked me to move my scoot so that another person could park there. Not wanting to put my Canon back in its pelican case and gear back up to move the scoot I declined to do so. When I returned from taking photos (the one above is from my iPhone, the Canon pictures will eventually be over on folioscenes.com) I found that the truck that wanted my parking space had parked less than 2 feet from the scoot. Okay, that’s rude given that there was over 20 feet to my left when I walked way completely empty but as I got closer I also discovered the truck owner had set up table to sell “indian drums” directly behind my BV so I couldn’t just back out but had to execute a multi point turn to get out through the 5’ or so that separated his display tables from the awing being used by the lemonade and chocolate vendor. Needless to say I did NOT buy the lemonade and truffles I had intended to buy.

Steve, the boys, the dogs and grandma pulled in just as I was ready to pull out so I told them to go on to the rest area with tables, toilets and no vendors on the other side of the gorge. There I pealed off the extra layer I left Las Vegas wearing since it was only 55 when I departed 2-2.5 hours earlier. As I was putting my extra layer away a gentleman came up and asked me if I had really started from Texas as the license plate indicated on a scooter. When I pointed out it was a 500cc scooter he reminisced about when he lived in Hawaii and put 10,000 miles on an old Honda 2 stroke scooter. He asked where he could get more info about modern scooters so I pointed him to a few of my favorites Modern Vespa, Modern Buddy and Adventure Riders

We stayed together until we reached Alamosa where I headed out while they finished up lunch. About 10 miles north on 285 the skies suddenly turned brilliant blue but I was hitting a lot of road construction and I could see gray clouds ahead so I didn’t stop to take photos for the rest of the ride. Arrived home in Breckenridge at 5:30 p.m. a few minutes after the rest of the family who didn’t have to make that stop in Alma to put gear on to go over Hoosier Pass since we had dropped back below 60f even before climbing the pass. Fortunately, there was no snow on the road but I could see plenty of the white stuff on the peaks and under the trees along much of Highway 9 from Alma up to our house.

Quick trip in the car to stock the fridge with perishables like milk and pick up a couple of pizzas before calling it a night.

Note: the hummingbirds are hear, better fill up the feeders they’ve been calling out to me as I posted this last bit of my ride report this morning.

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