Heading Home

Heading out this morning my first stop was at Cee Bailey to pick up the Honda CTX OEM saddlebag specific liners. The generic ones I had simply don’t work that well.  Tossed them in the top case still flat and headed towards the desert. Never have I been so thankful that California allows lane splitting and that is one of the reasons I chose the OEM side cases over the larger Shad cases. While I would appreciate the extra space an additional 8” give something like that would make the bike wider than I want to lane split with. Smile

Not only was there the usual California traffic but once out in Riverside/San Bernadino I hit all sorts of road work with one back-up over 20 miles long. Definitely rejoiced in being able to slip on by even a reduced speed beats dead stop in the baking sun. Anyway it gave me time to think about where I was heading next. Decision made I turned off toward Vegas. No, I wasn’t stopping in Vegas. I’m just not that fond of the town but I wanted to make tracks and the road from LA to Los Vegas is a good and once past the metro areas, a fast one.  Continued on without too many stops until I reached St. George where I stopped for the night to make an early start for Bryce Canyon.

sw-1-17 sw-1-16

sw-1-18 sw-1-19

sw-1-20Even though it is early October since Bryce is at elevation I was already seeing Aspen turning color. I wasn’t the only one out on two wheels enjoying the lovely riding weather.sw-4

Fortunately the wildlife was staying off the road .  Didn’t even see that much traffic once I left Bryce and headed to Zion.

sw-1-22sw-1-24sw-1-23Then off into the sunset to call it a night.sw-25

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