Squadra Lumaca

WanWant For the 2016 Scooter Cannonball I will be joining Squadra Lumaca, aka Team Snail with cannonball veteran Capt’n Gary driving support.

squadra Despite the name it the team does intend to be competitive with veterans Bill Leuthold riding a GT 200, Ken Wilson (aka lostboater) on GTS 250 affectionately known as “Big Red” and first timer Walt Driggers II (aka flyguy2) with a Snax 155.

In case you are wondering what I’m riding the answer is “I don’t know”. My hope is to ride my 2006 Vespa GTS 250 but it’s been having issues that I haven’t so far been able to resolve. My back-up is a Scarabeo 500 which would put me in the experimental “big bore” class where the rules are such that it is a bit difficult to determine how you need to ride to place well. So we’ll see what I depart Houston on in a few weeks.

Other cannonball bloggers beside the ones linked above.

Just want to follow along? FollowRide for rider locations. Plus there will be the usual thread on Modern Vespa and some will post on ADVRider in either (or both) the Epic Rides and Battlescooter sections.

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