Today’s the day I depart from Houston for the Amelia Island and the start of the 2916 Scooter Cannonball. New brakes, belt, rollers, spark plug, various filters and oil changed, aka regular maintenance items were all done with only one surprise. (Why is it that not one scooter I’ve tried prepping for this cannonball hasn’t had at least one “surprise”?)  This time it was a crack in the exhaust. Not good since not only will that get worse but the last time I had an exhaust problem on a scoot my gas mileage decreased by almost 40%. Not something you want to happen when time is of the essence so fewer gas stops the better. Checked and nobody has the stock exhaust in stock.

I know several after market exhausts have failed on the cannonball in the past but at this point I’ll take what I can get. That would be a Malossi from ScooterPartsCo but it couldn ‘t get to Houston in time to be installed before I left this morning. George (motovista) the owner is also riding this year has agreed to bring it to the start and we’ll install it there. In the meantime I’ve had the stock one welded as a temporary repair.

IMG_4864Loaded up and ready to go with everything I should need for 4+ weeks on the road except for my spare tire. That I’ve sent ahead and will pick up at FedEx at the Day 3 stop.

IMG_4862Decided to strap my extra waterproof bag with its big high viz frog hand to the back of my top case for extra visibility since there isn’t an Admore light kit in it like the GTS or Scarabeo has.

One of my reasons for riding to the start is to shake down the scooter in its cannonball configuration. Good thing since the new windshield is lifting and required at least 3 adjustment stops.

IMG_4860One of which was my lunch stop where I enjoyed a healthy chicken salad. I need to make the most of my food stops on my way to Florida since there won’t be any lunch stops once the cannonball starts. My plan was to make it either to NOLA or Gulfport, MS with a stop for beignets on the way but between a later than hoped for start and the amount of time spent adjusting the windshield I decided to call it a night in Baton Rouge. Especially after the rain storm crossing the causeway over the bayou. So instead of continuing on I’m enjoying a cajun boiling pot and a reasonably early night.


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