2016 Cannonball-start

Quick post at the end of day 1. Yesterday the riders all arrived and checked in. 33 of the registered riders made it to the start plus two others who came with SOD, Scooters of Destiny club from Seattle so we now have 7 of their members riding with all but one riding a 125cc Zuma.

IMG_4910 Some came in on trucks or in trailers while others like the Helixes (other than the white one) were ridden IMG_4909in from distances as far away as California (the three red Helixes.)

It was getting pretty crowded in the parking under the hotel since everyone wanted to be out of the sun if possible.


I had already put the iPhone on the scoot so didn’t get a panorama or other shots I can put up on the blog yet but the SOD guys had a quadcopter up with a camera so when I find out where they are posting it I’ll link it.

We started at 7 EDT. My departure was at 7:10 and I was the very first to arrive at the hotel that is the last checkpoint of the day. There I discovered when reviewing my checkpoint times that my GPS decide to blow off checkpoint 3 and sent me down a different road to enter South Carolina. So to keep from having a DNF, Did Not Finish, for two legs I had to get back on the scoot and head to checkpoint 3. That meant I got the minimum points for that leg and actual time based points for the final leg. You don’t know how pissed off I was about that little rerouting. My best guess is that when I hit the fuel button to see where the next gas station was during that leg the GPS decided to discard the checkpoint and replace it with the gas stop.

That’s better than the 100 miles the wrong way that Tromper had or being sent down a fire road that turned into two rutted jeep type tracks. Fortunately for Classic Rider it did connect up with a real road and he made it to the hotel in a reasonable time.

I have double checked tomorrow’s route in the GPS and discovered both Checkpoint 2 & 3 were missing. I’m not the only one Garmin did that to since two of my teammates who have the same GPS also had checkpoints 2 & 3 disappear from tomorrow’s route. Lostboater told me that it only happened when they checked the route inside the hotel. Once they went outside the checkpoints showed again. I’ve put them back in so they show inside the hotel on mine as of now but will definitely check before departing in the morning.

Despite my mishap I’m told my placement is in the top third. We’ll see if I can improve on that tomorrow.

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