Final Colorado–Zion National Park

After more fiddling with mapping apps after I got a little frustrated Google wiping out some of my points whenever I’d add a different stopping point to test that I took a look at what else I had available. Turns out that my MSDN subscription included Streets & Trips 2011 so I figured what did I have to lose by installing it.

I found that there were hotels/B&B/inns listed in it that were not found using “nearby” on Google so I even got some hotels booked through a combination of using “what’s nearby”, recommendation of friends and Google/Bing. Here’s what we’ve got so far:


The numbers represent stops such as those in Montrose to give us a more attractive route down to Durango than 285 which we’ve ridden or driven way too many times already. Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce & Zion national parks or hotels we have booked in for the night.

We’ll be staying in a combination of historic hotels, rustic lodges with a lovely (according to the pictures and reviews) B&B until we get to Las Vegas. There we haven’t decided where to stay or even if we will stay in Vegas for that matter. I must admit to being a bit concerned about the high temps forecast from west of Zion until we get into Fallbrook, CA. So we may end up adding in another stop just so we can get out of the heat of the day and ride only in the morning hours but we’ll see how it goes from there.

If you have any suggestions for the route that might have cooler temps I’d be interested I hearing them.

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