Less than 24 hours

Until we depart Breckenridge, CO for Fallbrook, CA via at least four national parks in Utah. First stop will be Durango, CO via Montrose since I’m a little tired of HWY 285. I just checked the forecast for the lows and it looks like the coldest we’ll have is upper 40s overnight in Durango. That simplifies packing which is always good when space is a primary concern.

I need to do a little more playing with the photo apps I have on my iPad to see if I can edit well enough to be able to upload photos to this blog on the road with it or if I need to take my tablet pc with Fireworks for editing. I’d kind of prefer to take just the iPad but I haven’t found it useful enough not to have a real computer with me as well, especially when it comes to playing with mapping apps. To get from point A to point B using MotionX is dead easy on my iPhone but checking alternative routes doesn’t work so well. I found that even Google Maps is fiddly on the iPad when you try to drag routes around. Plus I’ve installed Streets & Trips 2011 on my tablet which makes it a lovely what it machine. Surprisingly MS Streets & Trips has been more useful than Google Maps, especially when it comes to roads through the national parks. I will however double check them with park rangers to make sure they aren’t jeep/off road trails since a) we aren’t riding dual sports and b) I’m not that into dirt bike riding anyway.

Any suggestions on a dead easy to resize and export to web resolution photo apps for the iPad would be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of mapping, the new screen for the Zumo 450 motorcycle gps came in, wish us luck on replacing it this afternoon. If all goes well both Steve & I will have GPSs on the bikes. If not, well I’ll have one and he won’t. Which reminds me I need to print out a paper version our route at least for the part we have hotels booked just in case.

I’ll post some photos of the bikes ready to go and post them probably later today but certainly before we depart in the morning.

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