2016SBC-Return Prep

Today was doing thing that I needed to get done before heading back to Breckenridge.

IMG_5073Other than a lovely salmon omelet instead of hotel breakfast there wasn’t anything exciting.

A trip to Cycle Gear to get a pair of waterproof gloves. Another to Target to replace the broken belt, the one for my pants not the scoot. Winking smile Another to Lowes for more zip ties, some teflon tape and JB Weld Metal. The teflon plumber’s tape did help take up some of the extra space from the stripped out threads but not enough to actually make the mirror tight. So I used some JB Weld around the mirror stem and windscreen support. I suspect I didn’t use enough though so I may add another layer after this one cures. Used some thicker zip ties than we had available yesterday to hold down the windshield support.

IMG_5077Yesterday John at the Andiamo Let’s Go Vroom Vroom shop noticed the supports for the DOT front turn signals that I had left bolted on when we replaced the turn signals with the OEM European version and used them to help keep the mirror from swinging around. We left them on in case we wanted to mount auxiliary lights or something. Didn’t think it would be to keep the mirrors more or less stable. After seeing how pathetic the headlight is on the Sport City if it ever going to be ridden outside of city lights at night we probably should add some extra lighting but that’s for another time.

IMG_5075I thought I’d take a photo of the scoot after service with the new exhaust before I finish weaving a web of zip ties to keep the mirror more or less stable and from swinging around in the wind. Looks pretty good for a scoot with over 44k on the odometer and having just completed a cannonball. I did notice that I’ll need to use a good vinyl cleaner on the seat when I get home and may even give it a polish.

Still trying to decide how I want to get from Everett to Breckenridge. Any suggestions for a scenic route worthy of photos and stopping for good food?

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