Left Everett yesterday morning with some clouds and the weather report promising sunny skies in about an hour down the road. Temps forecast for low 70s as I rode Washington 20 through North Cascades National Park. Then sunshine and 80s on the east side through Spokane or Coeur D’Alene Idaho. Can you guess that I started with the weather because it was not going to go as forecast?

DSCN0814That’s right, hit wet streets before I reached the north end of Everett. So pulled over and put on rain pants because while it wasn’t yet raining the spray from cars was enough to get you wet. Not much later it turned into real rain which made an espresso at my gas stop in Marbelmount seem like a good idea.

DSCN0816Onward and upwards with the rain being intermittent. Lots of clouds but fortunately high enough to be fog on the road.

DSCN0822Onward into the park. As you can tell since I’m not on a cannonball anymore I’m stopping and if DSCN0820smelling the roses enjoying the scenery.

In case you are wondering if the scoot looks any different besides the Malossi pipe on the way  home here’s a photo. I shipped the camelback and some of the other stuff ahead to Breckenridge since between team and cannonball shirts there wasn’t room for everything and the bladder in the camelback stopped working on the last day. I had a smaller water bag that I’m using now since I can stop whenever I want. Winking smile

IMG_5082Lunch was in Winthrop. As I was getting off the Sports City a gentleman asked me if I had really ridden from Texas (license plate). I said sure by way of Florida and Seattle. Then the normal next question of how fast will it go. Told him mid 80s and he said but only comfortable at 50-55 right? Seemed astonished when I said 70-75 was quite comfortable. BTW, I noticed with the Michelin City Grips my speedo is 5mph off instead of the 3 with the Hiedinaus, interesting. I’ll have to look for slightly taller rear tire next time I replace them.

IMG_5083I considered the Old Schoolhouse Brewery but didn’t want to be tempted by an adult beverage given the rain I had been riding through and the promise in the sky of more to come. So had tacos al pastor next door.

DSCN0827 I did detour over to the Grand Coulee dam viewpoint.  Frankly I think there was a better view to the west at a small pullout on the side of the road but whatever.

Headed on out with the idea of Coeur d’Alene Idaho as my stopping point for the night but I was getting pretty tired of rain though that had basically stopped and been replaced with wind. What gave me home was blue sky with fluffy white clouds ahead instead of the gray leaden skies I’d been seeing all day. When I got to Spokane I pulled into a parking lot to see what sort of hotel options would be available.DSCN0831 Hotwire came up with a 3 star resort in Post Falls Idaho for $56. So I grabbed it and found myself at a Red Lion for the night with a room overlooking the marina and lake or is it a river here? Whatever it is I was greeted with  a double rainbow. A bowl of french onion soup on the deck with a glass of red wine seemed like the perfect way to cap off the day.

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