As I was preparing to leave Post Falls, Idaho a gentleman who worked at the resort came over and asked where I came from and where I was headed. After telling him about the cannonball and that I was taking scenic routes home he suggested that I take I-90 until I passed “Fourth of July” which turns out to be an Idaho State Recreation area. His reason was that the “scenic” aka non-interstate route wasn’t scenic, had a lot of just straight roads and road construction going on. He also said that he found that the roads were more interesting on the other side of Fourth of July so when he went for rides on his motorcycle that’s what he did. The remark about straight roads and construction sold me on his suggestion.

grillUnfortunately, road construction was just what I saw when I went to exit where he recommended so I ended up staying on I-90 until I stopped for breakfast when I figured I’d revisit the scenic options.

huckleberrytoastThis definitely isn’t your typical hotel breakfast.

I wish I’d had someone to share it with since I ended up leaving half the huckleberry french toast though I did eat all the bacon. Winking smile

While munching decided that instead of trying random scenic routes I’d stay on I-90 and make tracks since traffic was light, road was was good and there were actually nice sweeping curves and some view. That way I could go ahead to Bozeman and be ready for an early start to Yellowstone the next day. That worked out more or less as I had planned. Though I had remembered Bozeman being closer to Yellowstone that I had though. Probably should have continued on to Livingston, MT where we stopped during the cannonball but live and learn.


When I woke up this morning the day was another that didn’t match the weather forecast. Though it promised to be better when I reached Yellowstone.

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