June 27 Leaving Breckenridge

As typical no departure is as smooth as anticipated. A couple of days ago I installed chrome sidebars on my BV to protect the paint and support the saddlebags. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay enough attention to the little light under the seat. End result -dead battery so we started to trip by having to jump start my scoot. Oh well, it was only a 30 minute delay unpacking to get to the battery, starting it on the center stand so it could continue to run while reloading the bike.

I should have taken a couple pictures once I had repacked be instead I handed the iPhone to Ryan. The result upside down photos that were not salvageable, so no departure pics.

I do have one shortly after leaving since I had mounted the little Canon D 10 on a tripod ball connected to a ran mount. Here’s Steve leading the way near Breckenridge. You can see the ski slopes set have some snow on them even now.


gunsmoke-cafeFirst stop was at the Gunsmoke Cafe in Buena Vista. For the panoramic scenic view you’ll have to wait for Steve’s camera download but suffice to say the tiny town is in a high mountain valley surrounded by peaks most still covered in snow. The primary reason for this stop was fuel for both humans and bikes. The Gunsmoke Cafe provide that for us.

The hour plus ride thankfully Lad recharged the BV’s battery so we were all good to go on the only straight, flat part of today’s ride stay on 285 down to Highway 50. Not before Back Canyon we started getting into rock formations that interested Steve.


Pulling over or detouring down some dirt roods, yes he got me on dirt again to admire the view  or take photos became common..


Fortunately, the BV handles dirt better then the Suzuki Burgman, its predecessor. When we stopped for gas a South African couple came over to chat. They are touring the US & Canada on these:


They have already circled once and are now going south to north, camping everywhere. While we were all cleaning the bugs off our helmets/windshields I introduced the magic bug removal properties of microfiber cleaning clothes. I suspect their next Wal-Mart stop will include purchasing a parlay. The wife (and navigator) said they found Wail-Mart a great source of camp supplies. 🙂 The husband commuted that it was nice seeing someone touring on a "non-traditional" bike since Harleys were everywhere.

He wasn’t kidding about to Harleys everywhere comment. From what we saw Ultra Glides seem to be the most common bike on the road but there are plants of other models as well as BMW, Honda touring bikes plus dual sports in many areas.

We did share a laugh from the "you’re riding a moped" comment made by one Harley rider. Yeah right a "moped" is going to key up with his Harley at 70. Oh well, there are always ignorant folks and most Harley riders are cool.

Anyway my little Canon’s battery died so more photos from. Montrose into Durango will have   to wait for Steve’s download and it is time to head down to the promised gourmet breakfast here at the historic Leland House B&B.

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