Sydney Arrival

sydney-1-4Arrived in Sydney at sunrise to discover that the cruise ship dock is between the Opera House and the Sydney Bridge. What a great first view of the city. Our friend John picked us up and took us to Bondi Beach for a look at the sculpture exhibit.

Some of the sculpture aren’t ones that I consider to be art but more political/environmental statements like the fishing net full of trash or the front loader that had a bucket full of an assortment of bottles and cans. Those I frankly didn’t bother to photograph or spend any time looking at. Instead here’s some of the more interesting ones.

sydney-1-9sydney-1-6 A little perspective demonstration though it really reminds me of nesting cookie cutters. While this chrome purse did really reflect the sea and its surroundings. 

sydney-1-8 sydney-1-5

sydney-1-10Others played with the light like the art glass that has to be my favorite of all the pieces we saw. None of my pictures really did it justice.

I will admit that I’d love to swim my laps this close to the ocean.


FWIW, not all of the sculptures we saw were part of the  temporary exhibition. This dinosaur is a full time piece of work.


Finally, what visit to Bondi Beach and its surrounding coves would be complete without seeing a few surfers?

sydney0 sydney17

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