Scootin Sydney

sydney2After getting lost a few times in Sydney Steve and I finally made it to the rental place to meet Bobo from Modern Vespa and pick up our scooters for the day. sydney8(Who knew that they would restart street numbers every few blocks in some sections of town?)

sydney3First taste of Sydney traffic as we head out. You won’t miss the bright red buses as you go around town.

After a stop for coffee along side the ocean in one of the bays we took a leisurely ride through some of the neighborhoods. sydney-1-11

Nice to be out of traffic for a bit before we crossed the bridge and headed to where we could get a photo of Steve and I with scoots and both the Sydney Bridge as well as the Opera House in the background.

Hung out there with Bobo for a bit.

 sydney18  sydney5

While we were at it we attempted to fix Steve’s lose mirror without any real success before we moved on. sydney10)

Back into traffic across to the park area with the botanical garden.



Where there was a nice bit of curves with glimpses of the Sydney skyline behind us. sydney14 sydney16BTW, these are the two scooters Steve and I had. Mine was the red GTS and Steve the Portofino LX.sydney13

If you look closely you can see the Opera House next to the bridge behind Steve and I.

sydney-1-14By the end of the day despite traffic we all agreed that exploring Sydney by scooter was the best way to see the town.  If you visit Sydney and Bobo offers to be your guide, take him up on it. You won’t regret it.sydney4

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