Yesterday we took a 360 tour of Barcelona starting with a walking tour of the old Gothic quarter followed by a short boat tour of the harbor looking at multi-hundreds of million dollar yachts. Topped off with a helicopter ride over Barcelona. I know I took photos but for the life of me I can’t find them, sigh. Anyway in chatting with our guide I mentioned how we had enjoyed the scooter tour we took in Lisbon but I hadn’t been able to find a similar tour in Barcelona. He tells me a friend he used to work with was now doing tours of Barcelona in conjunction with Via Vespa. Funny, when I contacted Via Vespa before our trip they told me they had “gps guided tours” but couldn’t guarantee a live guide so we hadn’t booked one.  So he sent a text to his friend with my email and sure enough we could indeed book a guided tour with him. So Steve and I stopped by on our way back to the hotel to make sure we knew where it was and what to expect. Jamie was thrilled because Marcel agreed to let her ride behind him with a discounted rate to take into account she wasn’t riding her own.

barcelona-21So next afternoon we arrive at Via Vespa with Jamie and meet Marcel and off we go. BTW, the shirts Steve and I are wearing are kevelar lined ones we brought with us for those days when our waterproof jackets would just be too danged hot and yes, I really should have had it zipped up or at least the buttons snapped but I didn’t.

barcelona-2Marcel asked us if there was anything in particular we wanted to see and we requested a tour that would include Gaudi buildings.  The most well know of which is the work in progress Segunda Familia.

Definitely impressive as was the line of people outside the building waiting in line to go in.


But that isn’t the only bit of Gaudi in Barcelona. There’s Gaudi Park and several other building scattered around town.



Definitely had his own style of architecture did Gaudi.

We intended to go to the bar at the top of the building below left for cocktails the night before we left but didn’t make it. barcelona-13 barcelona-15

Even when you go up to the highest point in Barcelona and look out over the city you can’t miss the Segunda Familia.

barcelona-11 barcelona-9

Like Lisbon the streets we rode varied from cobblestone to wide multilane modern roads with large roundabout without the trolley tracks. Only a couple of sections had any sort of grade. I wish I could have gotten a video of Marcel making little tiny switchbacks as he was going up to the overlook. Somehow a 50cc with two adults on it just wasn’t quite as zippy as the 125s in Lisbon. Smile Of course down by the sea it was easy peasy level and flat.

barcelona-1 barcelona-16barcelona-20  barcelona-22

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