Utah 12-Bryce Canyon

We are now in Fallbrook after 6 days on the road. I was very impressed of how well my husband and the Sports City handled the the dessert though I-15 the last two days. Steve maintained between 72-82 for 2.5 hours from Zion to Las Vegas and then from Vegas into Temecula yesterday despite temperatures of up to 109.

To go back a bit we did return to Capitol Reef to try to take sunset photos without getting any good ones. On Thursday, we had breakfast at the Crossroads Cafe and a chat with a BMW rider returning to DC after a cross county ride to California along with a pair riding a Ducati and a Suzuki looking to do some canyon carving down Utah 12 to Bryce. After yesterday’s rain in the morning and especially the higher elevations were cool enough another layer was welcome, especially at speed.

Several riders we had met over the previous three days commented that Utah 12 was a great ride but narrow and they had been encountering strong winds, resulting in multiple puckering moments. While we were lucky that the winds had died down I really didn’t understand the "ass clenching" moments until we reached the pass area at Escalante National Monument. There the road at best had a 2-4′ shoulder with a serious drop on each side of the two lane highway


We are still downloading photos so that panorama doesn’t do the road or the view justice. I did not truly understand what the other riders meant when they said how narrow and "scary" parts of Utah 12 was until we were on it. The calm, cool day we crossed gave a fantastic view but had there been even the 20 mph winds without the 54mph gusts it would have been a different story.

Bryce was amazing.


More photos to follow. We ended up not leaving Bryce until almost 5:30. Then a fast run to the south entrance of Zion National Park. There we took Utah 9 through the park including the four mile tunnel to Springdale on the east side where we stayed at the Majestic View Lodge. Our room did have a lovely view of red cliffs as did the swimming pool, hot tub and restaurant. Both the pool (by me) and the hot tub (Steve) were appreciated.

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