PCH day 1, returning from California

On Saturday, Sept 10th Ryan and I set off for San Luis Obispo on the two scoots. Despite the morning marine layer and reports from my brother that it was raining pretty hard in San Clemente Ryan wanted to go the coastal route. So after breakfast at the Rainbow Oaks in Rainbow, CA (excellent food and they have parking reserved for motorcycles) we set off a little before 9 am.

After getting over to the coast it wasn’t long before PCH (aka Pacific Coast Highway 1) merged with the 101 so Ryan got his first taste of freeway riding. Other than a tendency to let too much space get between us he did well. By the time we reached San Clemente the rain had stopped and we were able to leave the freeway as PCH was again separate from it. I pointed out where I learned to sail at the marina in Dana Point and the turn off from PCH that takes you to my favorite part of the beach in Laguna Beach. I was amazed at the amount of building that had been done on what I remember as more or less wetlands in Huntington Beach when I was growing up there.  The parking lots were so numerous and full along with concession and other facilities you could barely see the ocean.

My original intention was to hop back on the 405 and by-pass Long Beach completely but Ryan wanted to stay on 1 so we continued on with the plan of stopping somewhere between Redondo and Santa Monica for lunch but instead we didn’t stop until Malibu. Where we at at the Malibu Inn.


Just across the street from the Malibu Pier

As we left Malibu we saw that Pepperdine University had put up a display of flags as part of their 9-11 memorial to take place on Sunday:

I didn’t manage to get all of them in the photo but it appeared that they had a flag for each person who died in the attacks on 9-11.

Unfortunately, we didn’t stop for a lot of pictures since it wasn’t too much further north that PCH again merged with the 101 and the marine layer started rolling back in so we booked it on in to San Luis Obispo for the night.

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