Day 3–Yosemite to Tonopah

Today was a really excellent day. I really wish I’d had enough time to spend the morning in Monterey, CA. It was an absolutely gorgeous  morning. The bay was still and as smooth as glass with the sun shining and lovely reflections in the water but with weather forecasts of afternoon thunderstorms I knew I just couldn’t spare the time if I was going to get over the pass in Yosemite before they arrived. So I had to content myself with just the views as I went along the coast from Pacific Grove heading inland.


and a little further along


If you have been to Yosemite you might recognize a few of these places:





While I did hit a little rain going through Yosemite and it was a little nippy at Tioga Pass and a little traffic jam in two places the scenery lived up to my memory from my last trip through 16 years ago.


Once I was out of the park the clouds were getting much darker. There was much more snow than these pictures would indicate. I thought I had taken some showing just how much but if I did I can’t figure out where they are.


I really, really enjoyed Hwy 120 from 396 to Barton Hot Spring. The rolling hills and sweeping curves were a joy.


Fresh snow was on several of the mountain peaks I could see along 120 as I was leaving Yosemite then down 395 and again after picking up 120 again. With 400 miles today I’m going to call it an early night.

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