PCH Day 2 Returning from California

Okay, this isn’t the coast but I saw this Honda scooter on the Cal Poly campus and had to take a picture. I should have had my son or somebody stand next to it for scale so you can see just how small it is but the only frame of reference I can give is that the seat height was only a couple inches above my knee. honda

Call it a 22” seat height, according to the speedo it should go 35-40mph but I have my doubts. As a cheap mode of getting around a college campus and being able to park it just about anywhere (okay, on campus I’m told they are very strict about parking and permits) this looks so much like a toy and not something for an adult to ride it might be just perfect but I’m still a little skeptical.

After lunch and getting Ryan’s stuff off the scoots and into his dorm room (reducing the amount of stuff on my scoot by a large duffle in exchange for the gas can – yeah, much easier to handle) I said goodbye and headed up the coast for Monterey. This section of the coast is in many ways much more attractive than in the southern part of the state. So it didn’t take long for my first photo stop:


Rarely would you find a straight stretch of road.


It was a little too calm to see surfers out but I did see the occasional fowl.


At least the one above wasn’t trying to commit suicide by diving in front of my BV like a couple  of smaller dark birds did. The views just kept getting better.


By the time I had passed Big Sur where I stopped briefly at the River Inn to add a layer under my mesh jacket it was nearing sunset along the coast with a pink ting in the western sky.


As the sun dropped into the horizon.


I made my way onto the Monterey Peninsula and stayed at a lodge in Pacific Grove. Where I found out the next morning there was a women’s riding group that had spent the weekend. Though some of them had caged it to their weekend on the Monterey Peninsula instead of riding but since the ones I spoke with were in their 70s I guess that isn’t too big of a surprise. I hope I’ll be like the 74 year old on the BMW 1200RT and still be riding when I reach that age.

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