Returning Home

A fairly early start to finish sorting what will stay with Steve for his trip up to Aberdeen to teach a class and meet with a few clients and what will go home with us. Took a shuttle service out to Heathrow followed by all the joy of getting home. The boys and I said goodbye to Steve and passed through customs to depart from the UK.

While I found there was wireless access in the international departure area but there wasn’t that much time after dealing with the boys and customs. The trip was fairly uneventful though Michael didn’t get much writing done in his journal. He had a some issues with reading/writing on airplanes inducing nausea. So we watched the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” but not both movies. Ryan finished up his essay but still had the vocabulary to finish up on the next flight.

Customs was interesting in Canada. First we had to go through the Canadian customs, then upstairs to pick up our bags and check them back in after going through US customs. With 3 rolling bags in addition to Michael’s rolling backpack was a bit difficult to handle but we managed. The flight between Toronto and the US allowed all of us to get a bit of sleep. It was hard to wake the kids enough to get off the plane and get our stuff out to the car.

Seems to have taken quite a bit of time to get the bags from the Canadian flight. By the time we got to the car it was nearly 10:10 (even though our flight arrived at 9:05) only to find that the car battery was dead. One advantage of arriving that late is that there is little traffic. I expected to get a full 8 hours sleep only to have the phone start ringing at 5:07 a.m. Seems Steve put the phone in his pocket without locking the keypad. So I was treated to the sounds of travel, sounded like a train but I couldn’t be sure. The phone kept calling and calling. I’ve sent Steve a text message and asked him to hang up and lock the keypad but I suspect he’ll be running through all the money on the UK account before it stops calling, sigh.


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