Plan for my D.C. Trip

On Saturday morning, March 17th I’ll mount my Scarabeo 500ie and point her northeast. Where for the next 5 days we’ll continue on to Washington D.C.

I’m going to DC for Photoshop World and since we having such an early and mild spring it seemed like the perfect excuse for a scooter journey. So after discussing it with my husband and talking to some of the folks here and over on ADVrider I though what the heck. Last year I rode with my husband to California, left the scoots there then flew back with my son to ride with him up to San Luis Obispo where he’s going to school. Kid wanted our Sports City instead of his car out there for some reason.

Which meant I ended up riding my scoot back solo. I’ve ridden between Houston and Breckenridge, CO on several occasion so why not take advantage of the not too hot and not too cold temps and ride.

I’m planning on the first two days being 400-450 miles. For experience I know that is quite doable on a 500cc scoot. That allows me to drop down to 200-300 a day when I get to the really fun parts – Blue Ridge. So always subject to the whims of nature here’s the plan.

Day 1 – Houston to the Natchez where I’ll pick up the Natchez Trace through Jackson, MS.
Day 2 – Continue on the Natchez Trace until Alabama or Tennesse then cut over towards Knoxville.
Day 3 – meet up with “old as dirt” who has says he has kindly offered to ride with me in the Smokeys/southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We may even venture onto Tail of the Dragon.
Day 4 – More Blue Ridge Parkwayor other roads heading north.
Day 5 – Continue as above until I time to cut over to Fairfax, VA where I’ll visit family and leave my scoot during the conference. Gotta love family who offer you a locked garage instead of DC parking.
March 22-26 Photoshop World staying in DC proper
March 27 – take the metro back out to Fairfax and pick up my scoot again. Route home isn’t yet determined

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