As of 8 p.m. Weds. we have decided to stay in Houston despite the forecast that Rita may make landfall in Galveston as a category 4. Right now it is a category 5 but itis expected to be a bit weaker by the time it makes landfall.

We’ve got plenty of camping gear and we’ve stocked up on fuel, water, etc. so we are as ready as we are going to get. We can’t board up windows because there is no plywood to be had and our vulnerable windows are on the second floor. We do have a window film on the east facing window and windows on the south side of the house so I expect we’ll be fine.

According to the worst case senario on the local news our area should have winds no greater than 100 mph and that in the event of a direct hit on Galveston. Personally I’m routing for the other likely possiblity which is down southwest of us, making landfall at Matagorda Bay.

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