Rita Update

As of yesterday they think that Rita is moving east. If that holds she’ll make landfall in Chambers County instead of Galveston. We’ll still get a significant storm surge in Galveston Bay, Clear Lake and the ship channel. That’s the good news. The bad news for us is that she is slowing down.

The slower she goes the more rain we get. I’m personally more concerned if she stalls out and dumps like Allison than the strong winds. They have fixed the storm drain problem that was largely resposible for the 4-5″ of flood water we got with Allison so we should stay dry but you never know. Later today I’ll be dropping the water in the swimming pool at least a foot. Dropping it too low can cause pools to “pop” out of the ground with the high water table and clay soil in the Houston area.

We’ve spent the last few days cleaning out our yard, putting away patio furniture, plants, etc. I had intended to move the koi and goldfish inside the house from the pond but now that the forecast is for winds 100mph or less I decided to leave them outside. I did pick up another preformed pond which is sitting above ground. At 100 mph or less I’m not worried about the wind picking it up when it is full of water. So the koi and goldfish are now swimming around in it right next to the house. I used a bucket to transfer maybe 15 gallos from the in-ground pond to the new above ground pond and added treated water to fill it up. The spare pump is currently running a sprinkler to aerate it. If we lose power as long as it is raining the areaation of staken care of. I’ve got a marine live bait well aereator to take over if the power goes out and it quits raining.

From what we’ve been seeing on the local television stations the water is rising in Galveston Bay and waves are starting to come into Clear Lake. We have an entertainment area in Kemah which is on the south side of the bridge that spans the opening from Clear Lake to Galveston Bay. They are showing waves spalshing over the boardwalk.

They have the Houston Mayor and County Judge on TV right now. Every Metro bus, City of Houston trucks, Sherriff, DPS and Police vehicle is out looking for people stranded on roads. Picking them up and moving them to shelters if their vehicles are incapacitated and supplying gasoline if that is the only issue. They are also thanking the people who have rsponded for requests to provide assistance.

Last night they had broadcast a call for 200 volunteers to help distribute gasoline from Metro buses. It is good to see people pulling together. Gas and water relief is being send along the evac routes in both directions. Conroe 40 miles north of Houston has gas stations open. 200 people on I-45 alone have had gas provided to them. So for those in the evac traffic mess have hope.

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