Looters & Surfers

The have arrested the first looters in Galveston who were breaking into houses that have been boarded up in Galveston. One guy who is staying on the island said one reason he wasn’t leaving is because of the looters. He’s keepign an eye on his property and that of friends. He said Weds. night he chased someone off from his backyard. Last night he let his 120lb rottweiller “found” someone in his neghbor’s yard.

Some people are just idiots. I’ll stick around for a cat 4 hurricane in a place with a 21% chance of a direct hit and a 100% chance of high storm surge, hurricane force winds and major flooding so I can break into a few expensive houses and steal something. When they get killed in the storm then the local, state and national officials get blamed for not evacuating the idiots.

BTW, one thing they learned from Katrina is that to get maximum cooperation for evacuation let people take their pets on the buses. In addition they let the homeless take their shopping carts. All that was left yesterday in Galveston were the ones who refused to evacuate and emergency personnel who will be riding the storm out in the strongest building on the island.


They arrested a surfer in the wee hours of the morning in Galveston today. He thought the surfing would be worth the risk He was told to leave the water as they couldn’t risk emergency personel having to go after him and he refused and apparently decided to argue. That ended with his arrest. Ejeets!

BTW, they are reportingthe first street flooding in the Jamacia Beach area of Galveston. Not one drop of rain yet but water is over the main road there being pushed by the wind that is still not up to tropical wind strength.

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