Days spent in DC

On Day 5 dawned with a pea soup fog so it was nearly noon before I was able to depart Lynchburg which didn’t allow for me to spend the rest of the trip on the Blue Ridge if I wanted to arrive at my cousin’s house in Fairfax early enough to visit with her before time for dinner. It hadn’t been since another cousin’s wedding about 16 years earlier that we had last seen each other face to face so there was a lot of catching up to do.She was generous enough to let me park the Scarabeo in her garage while I was in DC for my conference and even to drop me at my hotel.

The next few days were full of photography. I managed to take classes in both photography and Photoshop with excellent instructors. If you are interested in some of my photography including the Sully Plantation photo shoot they are available on my photography site Folio Scenes. You’ll find images from our trip to California on there as well.

We were very lucky with the timing of Photoshop World since the cherry blossoms were peaking early – while we were there instead of when the festival was scheduled two weeks later.cherryb1

After days spent on the Natchez Trace and Blue Ridge Parkway the congestion of Washington D.C. was almost a shock.


DC is a city of contrasts, old, new and in-between are side by side.


The Wall Street Protestors were a small bunch that got smaller each day I was there. Most notable thing about that encampment was that the tent selling t-shirts. The real action was over by the Supreme Court where the Health Care Law was being argued.


I don’t know if it was coincidence or not but the only folks I saw wearing suits were pro and the anti crowd was dressed far more causally and comfortably for standing around all day, multiple days.

The old Carnegie Libraries are always an attractive building. This one is lit well at night as seen walking out of the Washington D.C. Convention Center.


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