Getting ready to Ride

I’m sitting here at the Denver airport heading back from Breckenridge to Houston to pick up a new BV 500 from Vespa of Houston. Chris called and said it was ready to go complete with color matched Piaggio topcase.

Unfortunately., my flight won’t arrive in time for me to pick it up today. (The time zone and significant price difference of $329 to arrive before the they close today.) So first thing Monday morning I’ll be picking it up to ride back to Colorado.

In the meantime I’ve been watching the last few minutes of the US v Ghana World Cup match. Sadlly, the US lost by 1 goal with the final score being Ghana 2, US 1. At least we made it past the first round. Maybe next time we’ll get past the second round.

I’ll be posting more to my blog during my jouney back to Breckenridge from Houston starting Monday.

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