Return from DC Day 2

Return from DC Day 2

After leaving Delaware I headed over to Gettysburg, PA. I’ve been there with my husband and kids so I didn’t take the full scenic tour especially since the forecast was for rain later in the day. I did take a portion of the tour route that was nearest the own where I saw a few things we missed on our previous trip.


Including the Confederate filed hospital.


After a pleasant lunch in Gettysburg it was back on the road. Opting for the scenic US 50 across West Virginia was in some ways a mistake despite the lovely curving mountain roads. Besides the occasional rain shower the real problem was logging trucks. While there weren’t that many one of them swung too wide on a turn crossing into the oncoming lane and taking out a pick-up truck just around a blind bend from the direction I was riding. Fortunately, I was sensible enough to slow down when a cop car went flying buy with lights flashing. Rounding the corner sure enough everyone was stopped. Behind me was a wrecker on its way to pick up a repo but under West Virginia licensing he wasn’t allowed to help pull the pick-up away from the log truck so we got to sit and wait for an authorized tow truck for the pick-up and a bigger rig for the logging truck to arrive. The next hour and a half was spent in conversation with the tow truck driver and the van driver in front of me. We discussed the bikes they’d owned and I answered a whole lot of questions about scooters and the capabilities of my Scarabeo. Yes, it requires a motorcycle license. Top speed I’ve ridden on it, 96mph (passing other vehicles since I don’t like hanging out on the wrong side of the road and it wasn’t maxed out). Miles per gallon: 60-64 depending on speed and what I’m carrying but drops to 50 if I stay at a constant 88 as I did crossing Nevada on the BV last September. Why a scooter not a [insert qustioner’s brand of bike]? Bad hip and knee from too many skiing injuries makes swinging a leg over difficult at times but frankly I just like scooters and find them comfortable for touring.

Eventually, they got the two trucks disconnected and one lane open so we managed to get past the accident but by now I’m running quite a bit behind on my mental schedule for the day’s riding. Despite that I couldn’t resist stopping for this photo on US 50 with all the trees in bloom..


I stopped for another photo on an overlook but ended up not taking it because the wind was so high when I turned around to take the photo with my Scarabeo and the valley below in the background I discoverd that the wind had blown it over. Never mind that I had parked with the bike leaning into the wind on its stand and it ws blown over the opposite direction of the lean angled down hill. Glad I didn’t park any closer to the edge. The wind had grabbed my saddlebags while it was lying there and tossed the one on top over the seat opening the seat and spilling what was under it. Pulled the saddlebags off and stuffed as much back under the seat as possible closing it before picking the bike back up. That was a bit of a challenge with the wind and nobody to help but fortunately one of the advantages to riding a scooter is that the weight is down low making it much easier to pick up solo. Once it was back on two wheels I rode it to the nearest shelter from the wind which was a trailler loadded with dozens of 40′ logs. Hey, it did block the wind so I didn’t have to worry about it being blown over. Back to near the edge where the saddlebags were being blown ever closer to where they would have fallen several hundred feet and probably been unrecoverable by me. I managed to get them and a few other things that had fallen out of the undeseat storage gathered up and hauled back to the bike. Unfortunately I lost some of the stickers and patches from the Dragon and Skyway that the wind blew away, sigh. Does that mean I can replace them from the internet or do I have to go back and ride them again?

By the time I was nearing the end of my journey on US 50 the sun was setting.


So I hopped on the interestate and booked it to Charleston, West Virginia where I made the mistake of not checking what ran behind the hotel. Coal trains are noisy when you are trying to get some sleep.

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