Return from DC Day 3

This was an “add to your ride map” day. Leaving Charleston, WV my first stop was Ashland, KY where I crossed the Ohio River into, well Ohio and back. Okay, I didn’t spend much time in Ohio but I did ride to the nearest place I could turn around and go back to Kentucky since my plan was to meet a friend who lives there for lunch.


They sure go in for colorful bridges there. The green side is going from Ashland, KY to Ohio and hte blue one is to return.

After visiting with Hilary at a Starbucks in Lexington it was on to Louisville so I’d be able to cross the river again into Indiana. Unlike my first crossing of the Ohio River earlier in Louisville there was a big city on each side of the river.


I also had a chance to ride down along the river front on the Louisville side and watched a paddle wheeler load. I took a fair number of pictures that I no longer have but that’s a story for tommorrow.

One thing I did enjoy about Kentucky was the parkways. While there was an occasional big truck on them there were very few commerical vehicles and the trees lining the parkways kept it a little cooler.


I rolled into my cousin’s house in Paducah in time for dinner at a local hamburger joint.

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