Return from DC Day 4

This was supposed to be my lazy non-eventful day of somewhat boring delta riding after a leisurely breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my cousin and her husband. It started off that way with a short foray across the Ohio River into Illinois across a bit of delta land then across the Mississippi back into the state of Missouri. I thought about going into Cairo (pronouced KayRo not like the city in Egypt and to pronounce it any other way would instantly mark you as a foreigner) but decided there really wasn’t a good reason to do so. Especially given the could skies that were overhead.


Before long I was riding straight flat boring delta roads with views of farmland stretching as far as the eye could see in each direction. As you may know long straight flat land has a tendency to get strong winds and that was the case here. I stuck my knee out to break the wind a bit which worked well until a gust was diverted up and ripped my iPhone out of the carabineer attached case sending it flying. I spent almost an hour looking for that phone or at least a piece of it big enough to recover the sim card from. So if you want to know what happened to all of the photos I had taken on the trip with my iPhone that I had not put in my ride report over on Modern Vespa, this is where I lost them. I had decided to try taking a trip without a computer just my iPad. This was the first time during the trip I really regreted that decision.

I ended up spending an hour at the AT&T store in Popular Bluff, MS buying a new phone, synching my iPad with the iCloud so I could transfer my contacts and calendar over to the new phone. Then I got to reload the apps like Motion X that I was using as my GPS navigation. Needless to say this was not the most pleasant day I’ve ever had. I will compliment the sales person at the AT&T store. He not only figured out how to get me upgrade pricing but connected me to their secure wifi so I could get things transferred as quickly as possible. Best customer service I’ve had from a carrier ever. Oh well, its only money but I do regret the loss of the photos – pity I had too many to sync to the cloud (plus rarely enough bandwidth at the hotels I stayed at to make it possible anyway.) At least I had the photos from the little Canon that had been mounted on my mirror stem but all the geotagged photos were lost.

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