Canonball Rendevous

This year the Scooter Canonball went through Texas with two overnight stops. The first in Lufkin where from what I’ve heard was in a less than stellar hotel. The other stop was in Abilene where local scooter riders hosted a Texas BBQ dinner. Several Texas riders myself included rode into Abilene to welcome the canonball riders.

Since I was riding in from Houston where there were dealers available for most of the scooters in the canonball I offered to bring any replacement parts that might be needed. The only one who took me up on it was Jesse who had to use his spare tire the day before.  By leaving early in the morning I was able to both beat the heat and potentially get into Abilene before any of the canonball riders. I succeeded in only one of those goals, some riders beat me but I did beat the 103f temps of the afternoon.

I really meant to take more photos than I did but here’s a slideshow of the few I actually managed to take.

While we were chatting in Abilene several of the riders commented that they wished they had stopped for a photograph of one of the ranches they passed. I agreed to get one for them on my way back to Houston. The following is the ranch in q2uestion.


Unfortunately, not long before I reached the ranch in one of those little Texas towns where the new speed limit sign is posted under the trees as you cross a bridge just before you crest a hill. If you read that and though there’d be a cop station to tag you as before you can see the even lower speed limit sign at the bottom of the hill, you’d be correct.  For a mere $75 plus the fine for speeding I was offered the opportunity for deferred adjudication. The terms for getting the speeding ticket dismissed – not getting a traffic violation within the city limits of the small town.

Oh well, it was an expensive overnight trip but I did enjoy meeting the Scooter Canonball riders.

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