Amerivespa- Plains to Lake Geneva

Waking up this morning I looked west to see huge black clouds. A quick look at the local weather report told me it was time to make tracks if I didn’t want the storm to over take me. So much as I prefer back roads and two lane travel over the interstates it was time for I-90 and hitting the throttle – hard. I know it sounds a bit petty but the look on a few faces when I overtook their 1,000cc plus motorcycles when they realized a scooter just past them was sometimes amusing. On a couple of occasions I got a thumbs up from the riders I passed but others seemed shocked and unhappy about being passed.


With the storm moving east at 35-40 mph and me traveling at more than twice that rate a couple hours on the freeway left it far enough behind I could cut down into Nebraska and click off another state on my ride map.


First thing I noticed when I entered Nebraska was just how good it smelled.  It smelled like fresh cut grass.

I really though I took a picture of the gas station I filled up at while in a small Nebraska town but cannot for the life of me find it. Pumps reminded me of 1950s cars with fins. You pumped then paid inside, no swiping at the pump but there was a CCTV system trained on them so people wouldn’t be tempted to drive off without paying.

Lovely thing about those pumps is that they did not have ethanol, just pure gas in regular and premium.

I stopped for lunch in that same small town and had my first indian fry bread tacos. The other stuff on their taco special buffet was shall we say interesting? Something green in cream sauce I never figured out what it was but it tasted surprisingly good even if it looked a little strange.

minnNext up was Iowa. I couldn’t wait to cut up from Iowa to Minnesota because unlike Nebraska there was a very unpleasant chemical fertilizer smell almost immediately after I entered the state that lasted the entire hour and  a half I was in that state.

Minnesota on the other hand had lovely riding and I wish I noticed the name of the place I stopped at a little Scandinavian café downtown at. It has the best bacon and cheese soup I’ve ever eaten. If I had some way to carry it without spoiling I’d have found out where they got the bacon from and bought some to take with me since I was staying in a condo in Lake Geneva.

Oh, saw one of the strangest bikes/scooters in Minnesota that I ended up going around the  block just so I could come back and take a photo of it.

From there until I arrived in Lake Geneva the next day was pleasant rolling green hills  and valleys.

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