What to take on the Road

I’ve been going though my gear trying to decide what I need to take with me for my ride from Houston to Breckenridge. Seems like I’m missing a few things after Anerivespa. I can’t find one of my two new pairs of Go-Go Girls gloves and I’m missing one of my summer mesh gloves that I just bought before Amerivespa.

One of the things I can’t find is the power cord for my Zumo 450 – grrrh. Picked up another one but needed to convert it to run from a powerpoint instead of from the battery. That went well until I went to turn my blow dryer on the heat shrink tubing used to seal the electrical joins so they won’t be exposed if it decides to rain on me.  A little poof of smoke and the smell of frying electronics – fortunately it was the blow dryer not the Garmin power supply but still. Hope this isn’t an omen.

Looked up the size of the Piaggio trunk to find it is 37 liters not the 47 of the Givi on the Scarabeo (and Vespa GTS), sigh. So I’m going to take the rollbag and hope that between the glove box and under seat storage I won’t need anything else.

Laundry done, almost packed (still gotta look a few more places for the missing gloves) and off to get a bite to eat before making it an early night so I can be at Vespa of Houston when they open tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Where Chris tells me that my new scoot has its top case, windscreen on and is prepped and ready to ride.

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