Welcome to Amerivespa

Picked up my rally bag, checked into my condo on the grounds of the old Playboy Club golf course. Weather on this trip has been surprisingly good. Unlike just the week before temps were running in the low 80s and not too humid with plenty of sunshine. Could you ask for better rally weather?

The first official event was a 50cc scooter ride around the lake but the first event I attended was the welcome reception. Good thing scoots are small given the number of them parked outside of the restaurant.


It wasn’t too long before overflow parking was a necessity.

reception1The variety of scoots that showed up provided a clue to just how many scooters have been available in the US over the years and just what folks have done to make their scoot unique. Above you see modern Vespas, vintage of both the rat and restored variety: Heinkels from Germany, Cushmans as well as Lambrettas and Piaggios.

reception2Custom paint that expresses the personality of the owner such as the NOLA scooter on the left.

Others showed off their meticulous restorations including hard to find trailers like the lovely ivory Vespa parked next to the NOLA scoot.

Displacements from 50cc (possibly less) to 650cc Burgman maxi scoots. Even the restaurant where the reception was held got into the swing of things with their décor. Their food was delicious too.


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