Day 1

Seems that my earlier blog attempt from Twin Peaks in Round Rock, TX didn’t make it to my blog. Funny but my test post yesterday worked great but when it came time for the real thing today – nada.


Recap, left Houston around 11: 20 only an our and a half behind my unofficial “goal” time to depart. After I picked up the new scoot today by the time I got home it was raining so I waited it out to load the bike without getting wet. That was 30 minutes of my delay.  Seems that the GPS holder on the handlebar thing I bought isn’t going to work. The GPS isn’t in there firmly enough, a bump and it will come out of the mounts. So I’ll have to see if I can find a plan B other than strapping it to my leg so that it can be plugged into the power point under the seat. I much prefer the in location of the power point on my GTS (left panel on the faring so you don’ t even have to run the cable in the glovebox like on the Scarabeo. Image to the left was taken just before I hopped on to head out.


My first on the road stop was at Buckees in Gidding, Texas.  Where I was unfortunately not able to fill up because they were out of premium gas which meant I had to stop twice in Giddings.

Next stop was meeting a friend for a very late lunch at Twin Peaks in Round Rock. If you haven’t been to one it is a biker friendly Hooters.   IMG_0208Had the appetizer which was more than enough for a meal. Said goodbye to my friend who had to go back to work and got back on the road. 

When I reached Brady I looked for Danny from Modern Vespa’s phone number but for some reason it didn’t transfer to my phone. I tried to log into Modern Vespa on my iPhone to retrieve it without success so I ended up continuing on.

Its been a long day with 420 miles put on to the 4 it had on it when I left the dealership this morning. After looking at Google maps before I wrote this post I’m not sure that I’ll make it as far as I intended to go tomorrow. While the seat is pretty comfortable my rear is letting me know it would have been better to have stopped an hour or two earlier today.

On the plus side, the BV was a joy to ride today, very responsive and I already feel like as if I’ve always ridden one. It feels a little more nimble than the 2007 Scarabeo 500 and handles 70-80 mpgs much more comfortably than the Vespa GTS. A couple of little niggles, primarily on the placement of the power point and I haven’t figured out the trick to getting the seat and trunk to lock perfectly first time, every time but I brought the manual into the hotel with me for breakfast reading in the morning. I do wish there was a little more storage space under the seat. I’m not sure that even a half helmet will fit in there much less my Nolan. The latch on the Piaggio truck is a little funky and takes too much space reducing the storage capability but on the whole I’m very pleased with the BV 500.

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