Trip Mileage

I finally got around to downloading the notes file from my iPhone to figure out my gas mileage from Houston to Breckenridge on the BV 500.

Unfortunately while I wrote down the mile marker and price paid each stop I didn’t manage to write down the number of gallons of gas for two stops in West Texas, one north of Abilene and the other east of Lubbock. So my gas mileage is broken into flat Texas (with a little bit of hill country) and New Mexico-Colorado including mountain passes.

Surprisingly the gas mileage didn’t vary much even going through the Rockies.

Houston to somewhere in Texas at the 383 mile mark I was getting 42.423 mpg. From mile 603 somewhere in west Texas to Fairplay, CO via Santa Fe, NM I got 42.172 mpg.

Since I was on FM (farm to market) roads in Texas and state highways in both New Mexico and Colorado the speed limit was rarely below 55 and most of the time 65 mph. Don’t forget I had that little speedometer problem that started on the second day where I was traveling considerably faster than the speedometer showed. I expect the first day it was pretty accurate but the afternoon of the second day in New Mexico is when I first began to wonder if I was going faster than indicated but I wasn’t passing too many cars. So my guess would be it was off initially by 5-10 mph.

By Weds. afternoon I felt like I was going considerably faster than the 55-60 indicated and pulled out the GPS to check. It showed that an indicated 55 was really 79mph. So I’m sure that affected my gas mileage as well as the mountain riding that day.

Overall. while I wish I had gotten better mileage none of my cars get over 42 mph but it sure isn’t the 68-78 I’m used to with the Vespa (depending on riding conditions/speed/load).

I’ll need to check my mileage when I take it into Denver whenever the speedometer gear arrives to get it repaired under warranty.

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